Odessa city
(historiacal center)

9 Lanzheronovskaya St.
next to the Opera House

tel: (066) 997 90 74

Lanzheronovskaya street is named after one of the first city administrators general Lanzheron. Its cultural, historical and geografical status is one of the main and most beautiful streets in the city. The first building of the new town Odessa was laid down on Lanzheronovskaya 22 August 1794. Perhaps, the most visited after the Potiomkin Stairs is the Opera House and its square with the fountain and the statues. Odessa Archeological Museum, Odessa Marine Museum, Literature Museum and its Garden of the Modern Statues. Each year a new statue appears in the Garden in the Day of Jokes and Laughter 1 April. All the buildings on Lanzheronovskaya are built in the 18-19 century by different famous architects, so you  are welcome to  stroll along and enjoy them as in the open air city life museum.



L'viv city
(historical center)

9  B.Rohatyntsiv St.
('B' stands for 'Brativ' meaning "Brothers")
9  Rohatyntsiv Brothers Street
tel: (094) 320 32 80

This street crosses one of the main L'viv city streets Halytska St. The nearest famous monuments are Danylo (Halytskiy) King monument on the Halytska square and Ratusha (the City Hall) on Rynok square. Thus, Halytska St. joins two main central city squares: Rynok sq. and Halytska sq.



  Kyiv city

1. Center (historical center)                         2. Podil (downtown)

10 Prorizna St.                                                25/12 Khoryva str
Khreshchatyk Metro station                            Kontraktova square   Metro
(near the big arc in the building)                     tel (044) 545 65 22
tel: (044) 361-0-557

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p.s. convenient parking