PDF Presentation " The Core of SuburbEurope business"

Let us together build the joined process of clothes production-and-selling.
Imagine you can actually plan and order clothes for your shop but not only take what is available in a suppler warehouse. You can be sure in the design and sizes. You will make alterations in adapt designs for your clients needs changing details, colors and shapes. You can finally concentrate on effective service of your clients and on developing of your business. We can become your reliable partners in timely production and professional presentation of clothes in your shop.

World retail chain stores and internet clothes stores more activelyattack small retail business nowadays. Today customers can choose between and buy Turkish, Chinese, English, Italian etc goods and get them via post service delivery in a week. Modern world is a new challenge for independent stores. Independent shop in a downtown gives trustworthy customer seller relationship and more comfortable cozy atmosphere. Still the most important are the products which clients requires to meet their demands. In case you do not have a needed size, desired design or service of charge free express fitting – your clients may prefer chain stores.

Question: how to continue and develop your retail business in highly technological competitive environment? Answer: cooperate together with independent producer to offer INDIVIDUAL and LOCAL products to your Clients! Together we can offer products which retail chain stores would not be able to sell because they do not know Your Clients. We are the Producer who can sew such products you need.
We offer partnership to independent clothes shops as a producer of individual uniquely designed clothes. We also help with professional clothes presentation in a shop. Our suggestion is to start with the test period of 2 months cooperation after which you could decide on its effectiveness. We expect you to have +30% of profit without additional investments.

Products Assortment.
We specialize in production of inspiring and durable dresses. You will not find women trousers as well as clothes from black materials in our assortment. We choose all variety of colors along with creative details. Our first choice are natural materials: cotton, flax, wool, natural viscose. These fabrics have positive aura of static electricity. Our priority are expert clothes construction and best possible fitting. We take into account latest fashion trends and esthetic perception of forms. It is comfortable to move in our dresses, as they have natural body shapes. We sew sizes S, M, L only as ladies of such forms are more open to experiments.

Commercial processes.
We produce clothes unstoppably, calculatedly, WEEKLY. We sew new designs and deliver them to your shop right after production. So, you will always have an answer to your Clients question: “What is NEW?” We timely regularly sew repeats (re-orders) in required (desired) sizes. E.g. you have a hit of sales: certain size of a certain design. To meet your clients demands you place an order via Internet of the precise design, size, fabric type, color. We give you such offer as we have about 300 designs all at once. In 7 business days you present the order in your shop!
Retail prices. Reasonable prices for reasonable people: 20-60EUR per item. Partners price = -50% that is half of the retail price, 9-27EUR per item. We also take back all unsold items. Payment postponement is possible.
Logistic is made via preferable for you channels (door-to-door delivery, post delivery, trains delivery, buses delivery, etc).

Retail Processes.
We assist in corner or stand arrangement in your shop. We supply retail equipment, info materials, and planograms. We share practical experience in sales techniques. We regularly conduct researchers in essential services for offline shops where people actually come on foot to talk about, see and touch clothes themselves. We perfect our ways of goods presentation, fitting rooms and rest zones arrangement, music choosing, shapes of equipment.

We suggest you to try and start test cooperation. We take responsibility to weekly send you new products, so that you could present them to Your Clients. In case you sell out a certain size of a certain design you can easily re-order it in fabric which you choose. This will take you pleasure along with profit as well a satisfied and loyal Client. Every client will find a dress of their dreams; you will get your guaranteed profit.
By the results of the test period you will take decision about the effectiveness of our cooperation. You will decide weather you are interested in building one process from production to selling with producer directly and get profit from unique items selling. You can estimate this process being productive in competition with retail chain stores.

open to all your questions and suggestions,
Alexander Kolodiy                                                         
Managing Partner