SuburbEurope: slavonic dresses designed for the 21st century          
           Multiculturalism & Multicolours!
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           Lviv city
           9 Brother Mikhnovskih str.


SuburbEurope is from Ukraine. The Suburbs of modern Europe. But geographically this is the Center of Europe as a continent. This is not only a geografical, but also a social paradox. Let us say more. It is a Joy of Life)))

   Communism had gone...but Capitalism has not come yet…and yet...and yet...for more than 20 years already))) Creative work is strictly regulated here...on paper. At the same time, you can easily implemet your Dream reality. This is what we do.


   We know that Multiculturalism rules in the heart of Europe now.  A pot of Nations melts different Views into Ideas. Ukraine is Multicultural too. From Black sea (Odessa City) to Carpathian mountains (L'viv City) different people share same language and Values. We show our way of staying calm, peaceful and optimistic, of being true to ourselves and being open to the New and the Interesting.

   SuburbEurope team create positive colourful things. We find inspiration in our wonderful nature and follow its cycles. Thus we do not mix colours and shapes, we express them through ourselves.

  loving You