SKU: 2716_07
Designer: sub.urban
Style: Urban

Editor's notes: Regularity, spirituality and wisdom here our ideological basis of this dress.
The sound, the word, pattern all expressions and echoes of the Universe are concluded in each millimetre of linen fabric. It is the most natural fabric for a human body.
What to do in this dress? To meditate in mountains, to be engaged in spirituality, to look for god in itself, to find the beginning of, the primary source of creation of the world, to share vital energy, without asking in exchange. As a result, you need only to solve.
Nobody will be able to reveal all secrets of the universe and human soul the key is thrown out and destroyed long ago. But to learn new to itself, to learn and be transformed - everyone is capable of it.
The long-term oaks represented on fabric will remind you of it if you forget.

Practical notes: Be not afraid of the impressive size of a dress, it is regulated by thin ties and creates additional volume, there where it is necessary.

100% cotton

1529 UAH
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