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Why do we manufacture the things that are already plenty of in our world?

We manufacture different clothes.
We create adequate design.
Costume ideas ruled in the XIX century. Sporty ideas ruled in XX century. Generations X, Y, Indigo present their conditions, ideas and motives in terms of clothes.  
We are a part of digital generation. We are all multicultural. We are all cosmopolite. We are mainly urban. We are part of Facebook and Twitter generation communicating 24/7.
New constructions. New forms. New tones of colors. New materials.
That is what we develop.

We manufacture clothes to reduce quantity of them.
We want to create clothes that are your favorite.
We manufacture clothes well done to serve for years.
We use long wearing materials.
We make ergonomic constructions.

We present clothes for your senses.
These clothes inspire, give you creative energy, and provide you with fruitful ideas.
Our clothes are comfortable in everyday use. They are pleasant to feel.
We present CLOTHES. Without unrecognizable features. Without unnecessary symbols.
We pay attention to color and their influence on people senses; structure of fiber, connection between color, form and fabric structure and energetic centers of a person wearing such clothes.